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Diabetes can affect you physically and emotionally. Living with it every day can make you feel discouraged, stressed or even depressed. It is natural to have mixed feelings about your diabetes management and experience highs and lows. The important thing is to recognize these emotions as normal. Take steps to reduce the negative impact they could have on your self-care.

The way you deal with your emotional lows is called “coping.” There are lots of ways to cope with the upsets in your life—and not all of them are good for your health (smoking, overeating, not finding time for activity, or avoiding people and social situations).

However, there are healthy coping methods that you can use to get you through tough times (faith-based activities, exercise, meditation, enjoyable hobbies, joining a support group). Having a support network is key to healthy coping. Be sure to develop and nurture partnerships in your personal life with your spouse, loved ones and friends. Go to group educational sessions where you can meet and relate to other people going through the same experiences. Build healthy relationships—and remember that you’re not alone.

The information and links on this website are not a substitute for comprehensive education you will receive from diabetes educator.  Find an educator and program near you


[VIDEO: Diabetes Police (dLife)]

[VIDEO: Health Slate Videos]

[PDF: Bang For Your Buck

[VIDEO: 8 videos featuring celebrities Diabetes Health TV]

[PDF: Healthy Coping Start at the Beginning ]

[PDF: Feelings About Having Diabetes]

[PDF: Time For A "Diabetes Vacation?"]

[PDF:The emotional side of diabetes]

[PDF: The Angel, Devil and Mental Gremlins ]

[PDF: Coping with Stress]

[WEBSITE: Social media website for people living with DM]

[PDF: Breaking Free of Depression]

[PDF: About Depression]

[PDF: What Bugs You About Diabetes?]

[PDF: So What Clicked For You? - Part 1  Part 2 ]

[WEBSITE: Social network with lots of education information]

For those who don’t have diabetes [PDF: Diabetes Etiquette Card]

For those who don’t have diabetes [PDF: Teen Etiquette for Parents]

For those who don’t have diabetes [PDF: Etiquette Card Spanish]

[PDF: Diabetes Etiquette]

[PDF:  The Emotional Side of Diabetes: 10 Things You Should Know (PDF) ]

[VIDEO: Living with Diabetes: Finding the Support You Need]

WEBSITE blog site with all people with diabetes talking about how they deal with things and what they have discovered.

WEBSITE A social network with a lot of support and education for Type 1 and pumpers

PHONE: 1-800-diabetes.org  OR An American Diabetes Association program on phones. Text “Type 2” to  69866

WEBSITE: Public Health Resources, great for healthcare professionals

WEBSITE: dLife.  Food, meal planning, fitness help, videos, weekly newsletter, questions answered.

WEBSITE: A 6 month mobile program giving ongoing support  through text messaging

http://www.acponline.org/patients_families/diseases_conditions/diabetes Free DVD on chronic diseases; Health tips

For Diabetes Educator

2010 WADE Annual Meeting: Distress and Diabetes: Seven Things You Need to Know
Presentation for viewing on your computer

[VIDEOS: 55 short videos from the National Diabetes Education Program]

WEBSITE: Easy to understand diabetes self care info

WEBSITE:  Health Sense helps clients making Lifestyle changes with printable tools, videos (good ones) and podcasts; a virtual online weight management program.  For health professionals, they can find research articles and resources for facilitating behavior changes.

dLife Videos (topics on all AADE 7 from Healthy Eating to Reducing Risk)


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